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Serbia is a country of great trumpet players. Every year in Serbia, in a little place named Guča ( reon Dragačevo, central Serbia), maintains the largest festival of trumpets in the world. Here come trumpet admirers from all over the world. Guča, as well as Serbian trumpet players, becomes the greatest brand of Serbia.

Trumpet orchestra of Dejan Ilić (from Vladičin Han) is one of the most affirmed orchestras in Serbia. This orchestra exists more than 20 years. It has a great performing experience. There were lots of music performances at home and abroad. Trumpet players of Dejan Ilić had many concerts all over the Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, France, Germany, Norway…). This orchestra has 10 members and it has already released three studio albums, the last one for the Publishing house „City Records“, while the previous two were published for the Publishing house „PGP RTS“.

All informations about the trumpet orchestra of Dejan Ilić you can get by e-mail trubacisrbije@gmail.com or you can visit the official presentation on Web-site www.trubaci.rs .

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